October 2016


Why Managers Need IT Support

Naturally, as technology has advanced, its potential applications to the world of business have increased by a tremendous amount. Yet without a proper comprehension of…

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What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a method of protecting your data. It works by automatically creating copies of your files, which are then transferred to a secure…

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How to Make Safari More Secure on Your iPhone

If you think you are safe while surfing the internet on your phone then think again – your privacy & security are not guaranteed! Here…

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Which is Better: Webroot or McAfee?

Computer viruses are everywhere. From file infectors and ransomware to worms and Trojan horses, computer viruses can arrive hiding behind cute pictures of puppies, clinging…

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What is a Virtual Desktop?

If you’ve ever heard the terms “Virtual Desktop” or “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” (AKA “VDI”), but you’re not sure what they mean, then this article is…

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